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A standard home inspection does include inspection of the basic functions of a property's water supply system. This inspection is generally associated with functional testing of the water system as it pertains to delivery of water into the home being inspected as well as associated accessories. This inspection begins at the service entry into the house and excludes the service lateral from the house to the meter and from the meter to the main municipal water line. This type of inspection does not include any associated biological or chemical on-site sampling as well as associated off-site analytical laboratory analysis and interpretation.


All publicly operated municipal water systems participate in water testing programs which are generally federally and/or state mandated. The data resulting from these testing programs is generally in the public domain and accessible through the Internet at various locations. Additionally, your water supplier is required to file an annual report in regards to where your water comes from and what it contains.


We can generally accommodate any request for commercially available water testing. As a standard service and in connection with a standard home inspection we currently offer testing to the Alabama Cooperative Extension System (ACES) household level, to the ACES livestock level, or to the current New Jersey level. However, this testing pertains to private water supply systems and it is not general industry standard to sample and test water delivered through municipal water systems.


Additional information is available by viewing our FAQ, Links, and Information Page accessible, from the menu, on the left-hand side of this page or by utilizing the following hyper-link: FAQ. Also, additional information related to water testing is available by viewing our Well Water page accessible, from the menu, on the left-hand side of this page or by utilizing the following hyper-link: Well Water.


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