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Ridley & Partners, Inc. provides residential structural Inspection and design services as both a standalone service offering as well as in connection with a standard residential home inspection. Our staff has extensive experience associated with engineering, procurement, as well as construction of building facility projects, on both a local as well as an international basis. We are proud to offer this experience to The Central Alabama residential market.


A standard residential home inspection does include structural system inspection requirements. Those requirements are general in nature and are intended to document issues which may require further evaluation, by a State of Alabama licensed Professional Engineer (PE) or minor repair work, by a competent trades person.


Single family detached residential structures do not normally require the services of a licensed PE. In most cases residential structures are designed by licensed architects with the exception of very large residential structures or structures with unique site feature requirements. However, in the event that a residential structure exhibits signs of structural problems it may be necessary to have those signs further evaluated by a licensed PE.


A residential structural engineering inspection is an objective visual examination of the physical structure and foundation of the residential structure. In general terms the purpose of the inspection is to determine if the noted structural issues are of a cosmetic nature or are the result of structural movements within the property and what the possible recommendations for corrections are. While there may be issues common with residential structural issues, each structural issue and its recommended solution may be unique. The following list provides a general step wise approach to structural inspections:


  • Basic - On-site objective visual examination of the physical structure and foundation of the property in question with a written report and where applicable recommended solutions. It the situation warrants this type of inspection may also entail determining if the structural system is sized adequately.
  • Advanced  - On-site detailed measurements associated with the physical structure including structural systems and recreation of basic property drawings. This type of inspection generally includes taking level measurements within the interior of the property to determine if floor settlement has occurred. If the situation warrants this type of inspection may also entail determining if the structural system is sized adequately.
  • Both destructive (core samples) as well as non-destructive (rebound hammer) testing of concrete may be performed. In more unusual circumstances diagnostic tools may be utilized to determine steel reinforcement location.
  • Design and engineering of remedial solutions. Inspection of remedial solutions. Sealing design, engineering and related documents associated with remedial solutions which have been prepared, by our staff and where required, by The State of Alabama.


This step wise approach is not intended to be all encompassing; but, it is intended to generally demonstrate the differences between minor issues which may or may not require remedial action opposed to major issues which may require a more in-depth investigation, structural engineering design work, as well as the possible engagement of a residential foundation repair contractor.


In addition to residential structural inspection work performed as a standalone service or in connection with a standard residential home inspection, we offer engineering design services pertaining to residential properties on a consultancy basis. This type of service generally involves issues pertaining to concrete foundations or wood framing.


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In relation to design services we are governed by The State of Alabama Administrative Code (330-X-14.05 (f)). This code in part requires that we shall not participate in or implement procurement practices (bid submittals) which do not first determine the qualifications of the engineer or land surveyor prior to entering into fee negotiations for services being sought. Please contact us utilizing the below mentioned contact methods so that we can explain our qualifications pertaining to structural investigations and designs. After you have determined that we are qualified for your particular need we will be glad to quote related services.


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