Ridley & Partners, Inc. provides procurement services as a core element of our professional offerings. Our staff has extensive experience in multiple market sectors pertaining to procurement. This experience includes the preparation of procurement plans as well as execution and associated management of procurement plans. These services have been provided, on design build projects ranging, from 1 million United States Dollars (USD) to 75 million USD. Our clients are generally entities who require specialized services as may be required to execute design build building facility projects.


The services that we generally offer in relation to procurement include; but, are not limited to the following:


  • Bill of Quantity (BOQ) preparation from design documents, statement of works, or other contract documents
  • Procurement Plan preparation based on specific contract requirements
  • Management of solicitation as well as technical review and ranking of received proposals
  • Management of purchase order issuance, vendor surveillance, vendor expediting, as well as factory acceptance testing (FAT)
  • Management of export/import documentation
  • Management of export/import logistics
  • Management of on-site vendor or third (3rd) party per-commissioning as well as commissioning services.
  • Procurement and delivery of tangible goods


Additionally, we have access to thousands of products and operate two (2) on-line store fronts at the following URLs:


  • Rapid PPE - - Rapid PPE is our online store front for personal protective equipment (PPE). We retail over 1,200 products at this store and have access to over 75,000 products through our trade catalog consisting of a wide array of PPE, industrial goods, as well as janitorial goods.
  • RAPID PSD - - Rapid PSD is our online store front for tactical gear and general outdoor gear. We retail over 75,000 products at this store consisting of a wide array of firearms, ammunition, tactical clothing and accessories, as well as an extensive array of general outdoor and associated goods.


A selection of our line-card offerings can be viewed at the following page as well: Line Card.


Our procurement services can be provided at any stage of the project management life-cycle, have a global reach, and are generally associated with projects executed in an international remote setting. If after reviewing our web-site you would like more information about a specific offering we would be glad to speak with you. You can reach us through our contact forms which are accessible, from the main menu, at the top of this page, you can Email us at, or you can call us at 1-205-746-7567.












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