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A standard home inspection does include inspection of the basic functions of a home's sanitary sewer system. This inspection is generally associated with the functionality of the sanitary sewer system as well as associated accessories. It generally includes all visible components of a home's sanitary sewer system and ends where the system exists the home at a visible location. This inspection specifically excludes buried and/or non visible portions of the sanitary sewer system. This exclusion specifically pertains to sanitary sewer line laterals which typically run from where the sanitary sewer system exists a home to where the line connects with the municipal sanitary sewer system. Additionally,  this exclusion specifically pertains to private sanitary sewage treatment systems which may include; but, not be limited to septic tank style systems.


Alabama is a Caveat Emptor ("let the buyer beware") state in terms of real estate transactions and there are no state legislated provisions which require an owner to disclose real-estate condition issues other than those issues which are federally mandated to be disclosed if known such as Lead Based Paint (LPB).


As such it is up to the buyer to determine if the real estate they are considering is suitable for the installation of an on-site private sanitary sewage treatment system such as a septic tank system. In order to determine the suitability of the real estate it is necessary to perform a percolation test. This is not to say that if the real estate you are considering is not suitable for a standard septic tank style private sanitary sewer system that the real estate is not suitable for construction. However, a standard septic tank style system is the most common and cost effective style of system. If site conditions do not allow the installation of this type of system then generally a more elaborate and thus more expensive style of system will be required.


We offer percolation testing and related services on a case by case basis. These services generally include on-site percolation testing as well as related design services for private sanitary sewer systems. Our on-site services are self-performed and we do not "seal" documents associated with services that we have not planned and supervised.


The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) generally regulates the design and installation of private sanitary sewage treatment systems. The ADPH, your local municipality, or your local country extension office can generally provide additional independent information in relation to private sanitary sewage treatment systems. Generally speaking your local county ADPH office is responsible for permitting associated with these systems and some ADPH offices will provide on-site evaluations for a fee in-lieu of a percolation test.


Additional information is available by viewing our FAQ, Links, and Information Page accessible, from the menu, on the left-hand side of this page or by utilizing the following hyper-link: FAQ.


It should be noted that the fastest way, to obtain a quote, for services is to complete the inspection scheduling process. This process does not commit you to services; but, it does allow us to collect important information which is utilized to provide an accurate service quote. Our service rates are competitive and within industry norms. The scheduling process can be started by following the home icon links throughout our site or by utilizing the following hyper-link: Quotes.


In relation to design services we are governed by The State of Alabama Administrative Code (330-X-14.05 (f)). This code in part requires that we shall not participate in or implement procurement practices (bid submittals) which do not first determine the qualifications of the engineer or land surveyor prior to entering into fee negotiations for services being sought. Please contact us utilizing the below mentioned contact methods so that we can explain our qualifications pertaining to percolation tests and/or septic system designs. After you have determined that we are qualified for your particular need we will be glad to quote related services.


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