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A lead based paint (LBP) inspection is not an inspection criteria currently required by the Standard of Practice (SOP) of The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). As a result, a LBP inspection is not performed as a part of a standard home inspection. In general terms if LBP issues are suspected during a standard home inspection those issues will be noted, on the standard home inspection report, at the discretion of our inspectors and with a recommendation, for further investigation, by a licensed/certified lead professional. These types of issues would generally entail the observance of such things as interior/exterior pealing paint as well as the accumulation of dust, in and around areas of concern, in real estate which is suspected of containing LBP generally due to its age and/or condition.


Professional services associated with LBP are regulated, by federal legislation enforced, by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In The State of Alabama professional services associated with LBP are regulated, by state legislation enforced, by The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH). The ADPH's Indoor Air Quality/Lead branch provides information on issues related to indoor air quality, lead-based paint, and other lead hazards. Regarding the lead hazard program, the primary focus of the branch is to enforce the state regulations promulgated under the Alabama lead Reduction Act of 1997. These rules require individuals and firms that are engaged in lead identification and risk assessment, planning, and design of lead abatement projects, and lead-based paint removal of pre-1978 housing and child-occupied facilities to be trained and certified, to perform according, to established safe work practice standards.


As a general summary when LBP was utilized before 1978, it was a legal product in great demand because it was washable and durable. It was repeatedly endorsed by the United States, state, and local governments and specified, for use, on government buildings until the mid-1970s's. LBP use peaked, in 1922 and, by 1940 the use of white lead pigments for interiors was being phased out. However, the use of white lead pigments for exteriors was not phased out until approximately the 1960's. The health risks of LBP are now widely understood.


If you are currently considering real estate built before 1978 there are federally legislated disclosure laws pertaining to LBP. In general these laws require a seller to disclose lead based paint and other lead hazards if known, give buyers an EPA pamphlet on lead hazards, or provide buyers ten (10) days to conduct their own LBP risk assessment or inspection.


Alabama is a Caveat Emptor ("let the buyer beware") state in terms of real estate transactions and compliance with federally legislated lead based paint disclosure laws is one of the few exceptions.


We do not presently provide lead related professional services; however, given sufficiently  advanced notice we can arrange for these types of services to be performed by a licensed professional at the same general time that the standard home inspection is performed. The performance of this type of inspection should be discussed in advanced with your real estate professional and in turn with the property owner so that all parties are aware that the inspection will take place. Additionally, a list of certified lead based professional service firms can be provided by ADPH.


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