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Chinese Drywall is not an inspection criteria currently required by the Standard of Practice (SOP) of The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). As a result a Chinese Drywall inspection is not performed as a part of a standard home inspection.


Alabama is a Caveat Emptor ("let the buyer beware") state in terms of real estate transactions and there are no current legislated real estate transaction regulations pertaining to real estate containing Chinese Drywall.


In the most general terms Chinese Drywall refers to an environmental health issue involving defective drywall manufactured in China and imported to The United States (US) between approximately 2001 and 2007. Analytical laboratory tests of suspect samples for volatile chemicals have identified emissions of the sulfurous gases carbon disulfide, carbonyl sulfide, and hydrogen sulfide. These emissions, which have the odor of rotten eggs, worsen as temperature and humidity rise and cause copper surfaces to turn black and powdery, a chemical process indicative of reaction with hydrogen sulfide. Copper pipes, wiring, and air conditioner coils, as well as silver jewelry. Homeowners have reported a variety of systems, including respiratory problems such as asthma attacks, chronic coughing and difficulty breathing, as well as chronic headaches and sinus issues.


It should be noted that not all Chinese Drywall has exhibited signs of problems. Additionally, The multi-district litigation (MLD) 2047 Chinese-manufactured Drywall Products Liability Litigation suit has been litigated, in New Orleans, for a number of years and is in the process of claims resolution. This suit specifically did not include remediation of certain types of Chinese Drywall which has not shown signs of problems.


A majority of the claims associated with this suit have been in Southeastern states including Florida Louisiana, Mississippi, as well as Alabama.


The United States (US) Consumer Product Safety Commission and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development has developed a joint document titled "Identification Guidance for Homes with Corrosion from Problem Drywall". This document is the current inspection protocol utilized in Chinese Drywall Inspections and in summary requires the following stepwise inspection process:


  • Step One - A visual inspection must show blackening of copper electrical wiring and/or air conditioning evaporation coils and have drywall installed between 2001 and 2009. While not a part of the inspection protocol a Step One Inspection should also include site documentation, occupant interviews, general observations, product identification, as well as corrosion inspection.
  • Step Two - If both items in Step One are confirmed then an inspection should be performed for corroborating evidence. If the drywall was installed between 2005 and 2009 there must be at least two conditions met of the additional criteria. If the drywall was installed between 2001 and 2004 there must be at least four of the additional criteria. The additional corroborating criteria pertains to the following items:
  • Elemental sulfur in the drywall core (requires outside lab testing and associated destructive testing of the drywall in question)
  • Copper sulfide on coupons, grounding wires, and/or air conditions coils (requires outside lab testing and associated destructive testing of the components in question)
  • Chinese markings on drywall (This does not imply that all Chinese drywall or that only Chinese drywall is associated with these problems; but, that among homes with the characteristic corrosion, Chinese drywall is a corroborating marker for the characteristics problems0. Such markings may not be presented or easily discerned in all problem homes
  • Elevated sulfide gas emissions from drywall (requires outside lab testing and associated destructive testing of the drywall in question)
  • Corrosion induced by drywall in test chambers (requires outside lab testing and associated destructive testing of the drywall in question)


We utilize EMSL Analytical, Inc. for all laboratory analytical services. They are a full service environmental and materials testing laboratory with laboratory locations nationwide. The services that they provide in connection with our Chinese Drywall investigations generally include; but, are not limited to testing for total strontium, presence of impurities, sulfur-based gases, elemental sulfur, analysis of copper wires and/or surfaces, as well as accelerated corrosion tests.


It is more probable than not that a majority of the problem Chinese Drywall houses have been identified in The State of Alabama as a result of the MDL suit. However, we can provide Chinese Drywall inspections as either a standalone service or in connection with a standard residential home inspection. These services as they pertain to a being performed in connection with a residential home inspection would generally be limited to only a Step One inspection given that a Step Two inspection generally involves taking multiple drywall samples from a property.


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